Prayers of the Saints

I attended a prayer meeting Tuesday.  A meeting where I assumed dozens of women would be attending.  I showed up and there were only four.  A bit disappointing, but I wasn’t there for a party.  It was my first time attending this gathering, and after a few minutes of explaining the order and vision for our time, we dove in.

And friends, I couldn’t help but cry.

These women didn’t pray extraordinary prayers.  Their words weren’t exquisite.  They were down-to-earth and somewhat matter-of-fact praises and petitions.  But something about it was overwhelming.  Each of these women could probably have been my mother.  They’re each different, wonderful people, and their prayers each had different characteristics.  But with each one, I knew I was on holy ground, and the Lord was delighting in a pleasing aroma of His saints.  These women were praising God, using straight words of scripture.  And I couldn’t keep up!  Their knowledge of the Word was humbling and comforting.  How I want to be like that!  How often do I go to praise God (not often) and know enough to speak His truths back to him (hardly ever)?  What a motivation to spend more time in scripture!

And then of course I woke up the next morning and had forgotten.  And let me tell you, having a scripture verse come right to mind would have been very handy when Little One had diarrhea in the bath tub that night (while my mother-in-law was visiting)!

I’m so thankful for women faithful to Christ, who are a beautiful example even as they go about living their own lives.  I don’t have a deep relationship with any of these women.  But they welcomed me in and just continued in their faithful walk.  May one day my prayers be as edifying to others as theirs were to me this week.

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