A New Year

In a few moments the calendar will flip to a new page with a new year.  2017.  In so many ways, saying this brings relief.  I have high hopes for 2017.  I am so weary from 2016.  And yet, I need to pause.

I need to not hurry into the freshness of the new without reflecting on the sweet moments (and the learning moments!) of 2016.

A year ago at this time, as the clock was ticking, I had no idea that this year would finally entail us acting on our dream of becoming licensed foster & adoptive parents.  I had no idea that we would get our first placement, and have our hearts ripped out so soon afterwards.  I had no idea that our next placement would involve me reading parenting books, articles, blogs, Facebook help groups, and everything in between.

A year ago I didn’t anticipate losing a friend from college and processing grief in a new way.  I didn’t realize that “leading” my church’s clothing give-away outreach event would show me so much of my sin and really just empty me.  I didn’t believe we’d go through 6 months of the fellow’s unemployment, and I for sure didn’t believe I’d still be living in this house.

I’m thankful for a year of growth in 2016, but I am so, so tired.  I’m praying for kindness and patience in abundance (in me) for 2017.  I’m hoping for a foster placement that won’t be scared or uncertain of the fellow.  I’m hoping for more time to clean and organize.

I’m thankful that Jesus makes all things new.

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