The Milestone of Year One

It’s been one year. A whole year! As with most major life events, in some ways it feels like it was just yesterday, and in other ways it seems like it took places years and years ago. I have lived 365 days with only one kidney. (You can read the story here).

I’m a rather nostalgic person so when important dates come up I like to ponder them and not let them pass by unrecognized. I’ve truthfully been mulling over this event all week! But I mean, it’s my KIDNEY. To me, it’s kind of a big deal.

I don’t remember all the details. I wrote a lot of things down during the weeks leading up to the surgery, but didn’t do a whole lot of processing afterwards while I was recovering.

It’s funny the certain things that stand out above the rest:

  • I remember the PACU nurse and my transplant coordinator waking me up to tell me surgery was over. I didn’t believe them until I touched my head and realized my hair-net/bonnet had been removed. I reached up to rub my eyes and they yelled at me. I asked why I couldn’t. They said I would scratch my corneas. I still don’t believe them.
  • I remember being so happy to see my mom, sister, and grandma to let them know I was okay and everything went fine!
  • I remember the face of the nurse who took out my catheter.
  • I remember I was finally cleared to eat real food in the middle of the night when the cafeteria wasn’t open, so the nurse brought me some tunafish. I think tunafish is gross, but MAN it tasted good that night.
  • I remember my sweet friend from college, Nikki, visiting me and telling me she was pregnant.
  • I remember the car ride home being bumpy.


Jesus is good, isn’t He? It’s true that He would still be good if things had went horribly or I had died or my kidney had been accidentally thrown away (yes, that has happened). But being part of something extraordinary like this really wakes the eyes of your heart up to see His beauty. How wonderful that He preserved these memories for me! How wonderful that my recipient is still doing well! How wonderful that I’ve been granted another year of life! Thank you, Jesus, for milestones, and thank you, Jesus, for extra kidneys.

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