How I Want My Heart to Break

The phrase “your heart breaks in all the right places,” streams out of the speakers in my car.  One of my favorite singer/songwriters catches me off guard again.  I want to be the person he’s singing about.

But I’m about as far away as a person can get.

So the past week I’ve been wondering, what would it look like for my heart to break in all the right places?

Less heartbreak over being left-out, rejected, made fun of, forgotten.  Fewer tears over someone not liking me, trivial things frustrating me, or stress getting the best of me.  Less sorrow from being over-looked or misunderstood or not the funny one in the room.

Instead my tears might flow over the injustice of racism, prevalence of poverty, and horrors of trafficking.  I would be weeping for the orphan, the widow, the homeless.

I care about those things.  But not as much as I care about myself.  That’s why someone offending me burns a much larger hole in my heart than the story of a homeless man dying from cold out on the streets.

I want my heart to break in all the right places, but I have such a long way to go.  May the process of my sanctification and yours take us ever closer to that point.

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2 Responses to How I Want My Heart to Break

  1. Steph says:

    You’re words ring true to my own heart. Such depth in your honesty. If our hearts broke in all the right places… What a beautiful thought. Thanks for this particular thought. I couldn’t agree on a more personal level. ❤ to you sweet friend.

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